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Jan. 23, 2015

一个优秀的设计,虽然在最初的时候耗费了较多的时间,但是却极大地增加了系统的扩展性,可维护性甚至是性能。在需求变更迅速的时代,始终坚持一些比较好的OO设计原则可以极大地省下维护的成本。作者在本文中给出了10条 OO 设计的最佳实践。这些建议大多是经验之谈,希望能成为读者系统学习OO设计后的一个补充。此10条设计原则也不乏有偏激之处,望广大读者取其精华,弃其糟粕。

Design a basic web crawler

Oct. 31, 2014

This is a frequently asked design question in interviews, not necessarily for Google or Bing. Many other companies will still ask you this question since they maybe have a search engine internally. This question will test your basic understanding of computer science fundamentals. Keep in mind a production web crawler could be very sophisticated and normally takes a few teams weeks/months to develop. The interviewer would not expect you to cover all the detail, but you should be able to mention some key design perspectives.