Baozi IT Training

Baozi IT Training is an organization that aims to provide a platform for IT professionals and college students to communicate and share experiences in the Greater Seattle Area. Baozi IT Training does not have, and will not hire any employees in any form. All the contributions are provided as a voluntary base and under NO conditions these contributors are working fulltime for Baozi IT Training under any kind of employment. Baozi IT Training ONLY accept donations from and solely use the donation to help better organize the talks and cover the running costs for the organization.


All interviewers are absolutely NOT employed by Baozi IT Training. All interviewers are absolutely NOT working for Baozi IT Training either full time or part time. All interviewers volunteered to perform the mock interview without any conflicts with their current employers. Under NO conditions would the interviewers expose any intellectual properties that belong to the company that they are currently working for, including but not limited to interview questions, technology and business information. There is absolutely NO overlapping between the questions used in the mock interview and the real interviews they conduct in the company they are working for.

Interview Questions

The interview questions that interviewers use in the mock interviews are solely chosen based on the interviewers' personal judgments. These interview questions do not contain any intellectual properties from interviewers' current employers. The mock interview process does not reveal any confidential information from the interviewers' current employer, including but not limited to business information, technology and software.


The feedbacks that interviewers provided in the mock interviews are solely based on the interviewers' personal experience, do not represent any opinions for the interviewers' current employers and do not provide any hiring indications on behalf of the interviewers' current employer.


We respect your privacy at highest priority and under NO conditions we would expose it to any third party except for legal reasons.

Revision Date

The above term & privacy was last revised on Oct 09, 2013